Heri, Prelaunch



Heri is a single stage rocket that was made to replace YP. Even though the YP rocket has shown no signs of needing a replacement, Heri was still made because at some point, the rocket will not be able to fly more. Heri was also made to look much nicer than YP, because it wasn’t painted, and doesn’t look very impressive. Heri was also testing a new type of parachute, that is made from a thin plastic tablecloth instead of a garbage bag. Since Heri was launched on a cold day, we did some testing on which material deploys faster when chilled to 4 degrees Celsius. We found out that the new material deploys much faster when cold. However, on its first launch, Heri’s parachute didn’t deploy, most likely due to too much wadding. This resulted in the rocket reaching its apogee, then completely lawn darting straight back down. When it hit the ground, the nose cone was forcefully pushed back about three inches into the body of the rocket, shattering parts of the nose cone, body, and fins. This has led to Heri being retired after its first flight.





Flight Reports

Flight 1

Heri was able to achieve great altitude in its first flight, however once reaching apogee, the parachute failed to deploy. The new type of parachute was made of a different material, and it was the main test of the flight. The rocket accelerated to the ground because the parachute was not open. The suspected cause of the parachute not to deploy is that it was packed too tightly. The new material couldn’t fold down as much as the old material. Also, because it was cold, packing the parachute was even more hard. Upon inspection of the crash zone, the parts of the nose cone that protruded slightly farther from the fuselage were stripped off. The nose cone itself was found about 5 cm. into the fuselage. The side of the rocket body was severely cracked. Because of this, Heri is going to be retired.

Mission Outcome: Failure