Fortuna 5


Fortuna 5 is a two stage rocket designed to test the design of a two stage rocket.



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Flight Reports

Flight 1

On September 21, 2014, Fortuna 5 was launch for the first time. Fortuna 5 is the first 2 stage rocket that the Sioux Falls Space Association has ever made. Fortuna 5 was testing the basic building techniques of 2 stage rockets, and a new type of body tube.

When Fortuna 5 was launched, at about 7:00 P.M., there was a problem. The C6-0 engine that was in the first stage of the rocket was not held in by a engine fastener. This resulted in the engine shooting up and pushing the 2nd stage engine into the mid body of the rocket. The first stage didn’t move at all from the launch pad. The 2nd stage flew up about 15 meters, being propelled by the engine from the first stage. Then the first stage engine fell off from the 2nd stage, and flew in a few circles before crashing into the ground. The 2nd stage of the rocket then fell to the ground. After looking at the first stage of the rocket, it was clear that fin 2A had a large burn in it. The 2nd stage, however, after falling to the ground only had some grass on the tip of the nose cone. Although after closer inspection, it was clear that when the engine was pushed into the mid fuselage, it bent the engine fastener.

The damage of the rocket is in hard places to fix, so Fortuna 5 will be retired from service. Fortuna 5 may never be flown again.

Overall Mission Outcome: Failure