Fortuna 3


Fortuna 3 is a single stage rocket with a science bay that can be used for interchangeable experiments.



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Flight Reports

Flight 1

On June 8, 2014, Fortuna 3 was launched. During the time of the launch at Yankton Trails, winds were approximately 8 kpm ENE. Fortuna 3 is a SSBR (Small science bay rocket), with approximately a 4 cm. science bay. Fortuna 3 was carrying a banner, with Andrew Lauer Space Association written on it, along with the ALSA flag. Immediately after the launch of Fortuna 3, Fortuna 3 turned abruptly SE, to about a 10 degrees above the horizon. Fortuna 3 flew over the river, to the houses on the other side. Fortuna 3 was found on a roof of a house, with the parachute deployed. The only part recovered from Fortuna 3, was the igniter found about 10 cm. from the launch pad. Fortuna 3’s failure is thought to haveĀ been caused by an off balance center of mass. Fortuna 3’s basic design will be kept for Fortuna 4, but slight changes will be made to have a more successful flight. Rockets coming out of ALSA will be launched at a different location from now on. The new location is out of Sioux Falls, in an open field.
Overall outcome: Failure