Logo Re-Design (& Wallpapers!)

Let’s be honest, the Sioux Falls Space Association logo has never been the pinnacle of good design. While not being the worst logo in existence, it’s never exactly been amazing. In less than a year, it went from a flag created in Google Drawings to a (sort of) well-designed rocket flying through a field of […]

Heri is Finished

The newest rocket from the Sioux Falls Space Association, Heri, is finally finished. Heri is starting a new design wave of rockets for SFSA. With an overall new, cleaner look, Heri is showing a new way of how rockets will be produced. With a different, innovative shock cord mounting system, the amount of stress on the […]

YP Rocket has First Electronics

After receiving an altimeter from a donor, the we had to decide which rocket to put the altimeter in. The rocket selected had to have a stable record, so the chances of the rocket being lost were minimal. If the rocket were lost, not data concerning the altimeter would be gathered.   After all of the criteria was […]

Fortuna 1 Flight 2 Report

On July 29, 2014, Fortuna 1 was launched for the second time, about 1:00 P.M. The selected launch site was the cross country course of the University of Sioux Falls. Immediately after launch, Fortuna 1 flipped over at an approximate height of 20 meters, and, while the engine was still burning, accelerated towards the ground very […]