Logo Re-Design (& Wallpapers!)

Let’s be honest, the Sioux Falls Space Association logo has never been the pinnacle of good design. While not being the worst logo in existence, it’s never exactly been amazing.

In less than a year, it went from a flag created in Google Drawings to a (sort of) well-designed rocket flying through a field of stars and a hideous blue background teeming with compression blocks.

However, though we may have thought highly of our previous logo, something new just showed up to blow its predecessor out of the water.

The new logo, featured below, incorporates a rocket, designed in a flat style, flying to toward the upper right at an inclination of about 30 degrees. The rocket itself wears two shades of every color, splitting at the center, with the darker color to the right, as if the sun is shining on it as it reaches an orbital path around Earth or any other planet. The background color is also a much softer and darker tone than the previous, not distracting from the image, but providing a blank sky for the rocket to explore.

In the text version, the words “Sioux Falls Space Association” are displayed under the logo, matching the width, in a Novecento Sans Wide Medium font. This text is split up into two lines to increase size and readability.


SFSA Logo Text v3.png

Ain’t it grand? 😉

Also, if you’re interested in plastering our slick new logo on all your devices, go here for some sweet wallpapers for desktop, Android, and iOS.