Fortuna 1 Flight 2 Report

On July 29, 2014, Fortuna 1 was launched for the second time, about 1:00 P.M. The selected launch site was the cross country course of the University of Sioux Falls. Immediately after launch, Fortuna 1 flipped over at an approximate height of 20 meters, and, while the engine was still burning, accelerated towards the ground very quickly. Fortuna 1 crashed into the ground, damaging the nose cone, and crumpling the front part of the fuselage. All 4 fins had slight damage at the tips, although that is not thought to be the cause of the catastrophe, because there was very slight damage. An engine failure could not have been the cause either, because after examination, there were no flaws on the engine.
What could be the cause is a very sticky launch rail. After recovering Fortuna 1, it was noticed that the guide straw was shattered. That could have happened moments after ignition, on the launch rail, or it could have been from the crash. Besides a sticky launch rail, it could have been where the upper and lower parts of the launch rail connected. Another reason could be that the nose cone was off balance, causing the rocket to tip over. Because of this, Fortuna 1 is going to be retired from service. Fortuna 1 may not be flown again.
Flight Outcome: Failure
The engine mount was burned away by the engine. When the rocket hit the ground, it is presumed that the engine was still burning, so it pushed a bit into the fuselage, burning the rear of the rocket.
At the moment of impact, when the rocket hit the ground, the front of the fuselage was crumpled.
That is almost impossible to repair without fully replacing, so that was another reason why Fortuna 1 is being retired.